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  • Bhav Taapen Taptana Yogohi Permoshdham.
  • Yoga is the Best Medicine to all Sufferings.

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"Energy yoga stems from the faith that a healthy mind needs a healthy body" -Chaitanyaji
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Our bodies interacted everyday with the energies of the universe and specific energies encountered in society. Our environment is a mixture of positive and negative energy and affects us in various ways, depending on our physical, mental, and general outlook on life.

The fast paced lifestyle in which we functions everyday works in ways that sometimes depleted our energy and also affect our mental moods - and when we are affected this way; our immune system weakened, possibly allowing disease and mental instability and imbalance to weaken us.

The Energy Yoga center practice proven traditional yoga healing methods, integrated with evolving techniques designed for a fast paced lifestyle - with methods designed for the busy schedule person that wants all the benefits of a healthy and harmonious life.? Energy Yoga practices can be easily fitted in to the way of modern society, allowing us to stay healthy and happy in body, mind, and spirit.


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"Whoever Is Blessed With Happy Spirit Happy Disposition Is A Healthy Person"

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