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  • Bhav Taapen Taptana Yogohi Permoshdham.
  • Yoga is the Best Medicine to all Sufferings.

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"Energy yoga stems from the faith that a healthy mind needs a healthy body" -Chaitanyaji
:: About Us ::

Experienced Teachers

Chaitanyaji The center founder who has the background immersed in Ashram culture, started his journey from childhood in the temple under various guru guidance he learned and practiced yoga, meditation, mantra chanting. Certified by Shivanand Yoga Sadhana Ashram (West Bangal) and Bhawans Yoga Bharti (Mumbai)

Salina - Completed Yoga Teacher Training Course and certified by Shivanand Yoga Sadhna Ashram (West Bangal). ?She is currently training in the Energy Yoga Advance Course certification.

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