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  • Bhav Taapen Taptana Yogohi Permoshdham.
  • Yoga is the Best Medicine to all Sufferings.

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"Energy yoga stems from the faith that a healthy mind needs a healthy body" -Chaitanyaji
:: Kidz Yoga ::

Every child is a new thought of God. Every Child is a reservoir of enormous energy. This energy has to be balanced so that it can be channelized and given the right direction. Once the equilibrium of energy is maintained, the child can easily draw out the potential within him and get liberated.

But the life in today’s world is moving very fast.
The changes which are happening in this world are so tremendously fast that the child becomes incapable of adapting to it. Hence the energy which a child possesses remains untapped or it gets directed through wrong channels.

Kid’s Yoga is the right medium through which a child’s energy can be tapped and channelized so that he can explore his inner self and reach to higher states of awareness, peace & clarity…


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