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  • Bhav Taapen Taptana Yogohi Permoshdham.
  • Yoga is the Best Medicine to all Sufferings.

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"Energy yoga stems from the faith that a healthy mind needs a healthy body" -Chaitanyaji
:: Press Release::
Dainik Jagran (CityPlus)
Energise through power yoga | Cityplus reporter Divya Nair talks about her experience at an Energy Yoga session | Amidst our rat race to achieve the best in our careers, we have lost the actual art of living.? After all the hopping, skipping and jumping we do to reach work and then back home, we are left with little or no energy and time for ourselves. So even as fitness gurus preach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we tend to give it a miss. But when I came to know about an energy yoga class in Andheri, I thought of giving it a try. Not that I believed that I would genuinely practise it every day, but because I wanted to know what the buzz was all about.