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  • Bhav Taapen Taptana Yogohi Permoshdham.
  • Yoga is the Best Medicine to all Sufferings.

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"Energy yoga stems from the faith that a healthy mind needs a healthy body" -Chaitanyaji
:: Testimonial ::
Gurdeep Punj (Actress):
Energy yoga has given me a new life. I started yoga post pregnancy and it helped me lose all my pregnancy weight. Energy yoga is a unique combination of meditation and yoga with pranayam. Meditation helps you open and activate your chakras and yoga brings balance and flexibility in your body and Pranayam works on the inner chores of your body. This makes it a mental? and physical workout...
Narayani Shastri (Actress):
Energy yoga as it sounds is so true to its name working for long hours can leave any one very tired and fatigued but as I practiced Energy yoga the tireness never came in, It has helped me build streanth and endurance. Yoga can seem very borning? and slow but Energy yoga eliminates that, Its? pretty tough to keep up with this new form of yoga as it quite vigourous. Gives energy keeps the body strong and flexible and helped? me shed the extra kilos. its perfect.....
Tannaz Irani (Actress):
Energy yoga helped me through my pregnancy as it helped me relax and keep me fit and after the delivery it helped me shape up and use each body part and strengthen it with the help and guidance of Chaitanya sir. Thank You....
Usha Bachani (Actress):
I have a back and lower knee problem ..Chaitanya's Energy yoga helped me to chope up with it and aslo helped me to loose weight as it was not possible to work out in the gym....
Niraj Pathak (Writer, Director):
Energy yoga by chaitanyaji made me stress free and my inner strenght as well as flexibility improved immensely.it gave Extra Energy to my day today life....
Meetu Bawa (Bawa Group):
I used to never enjoy yoga until I practised Energy yoga..It has helped me in a big way.. Energy yoga under the guidance of chaitanyaji helped me lose all my pregnancy fat in no time..thereby improving my strenght and energy level......
Ridhima Pandey ( Fashion Designer ):
I want to thank chaitanyaji for introducing me to a new way of welcoming day break.under his expert guidance ,I have been beginning my day with a series of energy yoga postures that help me clam and center my mind and relax my body .. After my workout I feel rejuvenated and completed equipped to handle the challenges of my daily routine.....
Reema Bhasin (Trustee, Datta Meghe World Academy):
When i met chaitanyaji first time I realised after talking to him that he was a very strong personality inspite of his petit physical appearance. A man with a lot of strong belief system which is not religion oriented.
He stared with a concentrated chakra meditation and a beautiful prayer. By now I was in full focussed ready for the asans that were coming my way. he is very paticular bout ur breathing and your postures.
By the end of it I was drenched in sweat and out of breath. Now thats not it..... I thought. After srivassana i was in bliss. after which pranayam ended our session.
IN short he is very foccused on your mind body soul.

Ritu Soni (Actress)
?? Energy Yoga has helped me build stamina and I look forward to my class with zeal.....

Varun Mitra  (Actor )
Enerygy yoga has been a very calming experience for me, I had started yoga primarily to work on my core but it has given me a lot more than that. Perfect combination of traditional and modern techniques. Not only helps the body , but also the mind. One feels better after every class , it's like giving the mind a one hour break from the whole day... 

Thu-Ha Truong (Working  at JPL ..NASA )
The benefits of Energy yoga are so wide ranging it’s difficult to know where to begin. This amazing practice under the guidance of Chaitanyaji gives the body a full workout, improved focus and concentration for the mind, and help connecting practitioners with the higher purpose of life.
I came to Chaitanyaji after 5 years of regular yoga practice, seeking for a more advance guru to improve my practice. Under Chaitanyaji guidance I learned the various practice such as mantra chanting, asana, pranayama, and meditation.The results speak for itself . Namaste

Energy Yoga has Greatly impacted my life.It has not only Increased my stamina and strength level but also helped  me become more focused and clam ..The beauty of Energy Yoga is that it is ever evolving  and Chaitanyaji's personalised Approach  makes every session unique ..

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